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An FFV is designed to operate on a wide range of fuel blends — from ordinary unleaded gasoline to 85% ethanol — and everything in between (E10, E15, E20, E30, etc.). An FFV gives you the ultimate in fuel choices when you fill up!

At first glance, an FFV looks like any other vehicle of the same make and model. To know if you're driving an FFV, look for the following:

  • an FFV/Flex Fuel badge or insignia on your vehicle
  • a sticker inside your fuel door
  • a message on your gas cap (some FFVs have bright yellow gas caps)
  • information in your owner's manual

An FFV is fully covered under warranty to use any percentage of gasoline and/or ethanol, up to 85% ethanol. That's what makes the vehicle "flexible." You can fill up with one fuel blend one time and with another the next — and you don't have to wait for your tank to be empty to do so!

To learn more about FFVs and ethanol, visit these helpful links:

Nebraska Ethanol Board

Nebraska Corn Board

FFV Awareness Campaign

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